Nycote Increases Prices in 2017 for Only the First Time in 3 Years

On Monday, May 1, 2017, Nycote Laboratories Corporation will institute a price increase on all of our products. This is the first increase in three (3) years and reflects our increased costs. We are also modifying our quantity discount options. These changes represent approximately a 3.7% increase per year since the last price change in 2014.

Additional Charge costs (e.g. IATA fee, Test Report, etc.) have also been increased for the first time since 2011.

New price sheets will be available the week of April 24 and can be requested at that time.

Rapid Global Shipping

From the moment your order is received, Nycote will produce and ship your order on average in just 1.9 short days!

Our ever efficient and organized shipping department is proud to routinely maintain a 100 percent on-time delivery rate. Nycote Laboratory’s  AS9100 Certified standard requires a 95 percent on-time delivery policy, however, Nycote’s swift order desk and shipping departments are able to regularly outperform that goal. Nycote’s internal policy of shipping out all product orders within four to six business days is routinely surpassed.

Rapid global shipping you can count onr to six business days is routinely surpassed.

Our full-service shipping department adheres to strict IATA standards to ensure that your product is compliant with import and customs regulations throughout the world.  Our system of thorough checks before your Nycote order goes out the door protects you from delivery delays so you can count on your product’s timely arrival.

And rest assured, if you have an airplane on the ground, your Nycote order can be delivered within hours by our vast network of resellers spanning the globe. Expedited assistance is just a phone call away! 818 794-9498

Pick Your Color

Did you know that Nycote 7-11 and Nycote 88 can be tinted just about any color you specify? Although many of our customers prefer our liquid-nylon coating in the original colorless formulation, many others choose to apply it in a specific color that readily shows where they have corrosion-protection coverage. This makes it easy to determine where you need to reapply a touch-up. Our 7-11 blue and 7-11 dark blue are always in stock and ready to be shipped. However, you may want our laboratories to specially formulate a color of your choice. Our technicians even have the ability to match PMS colors. The sky is the limit! The only hue we cannot provide is white due to the fact that white pigment contains titanium.

Call us today at 818 764-9498 and find out how Nycote coatings can provide a void-free impervious barrier against corrosion and conductivity for your metal parts and components.

Colored tint helps to identify touch ups.